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The Talent Next Door (TTND) is always looking for unique and interesting people for our show.If you know, work or live with (or near) anyone you think might be a great fit for our show, then please write a few sentences below on who they are, what they do and why you believe they should be invited on the show. Keep your pitch concise and don't sweat it, all we really need to see is how convinced you are that the world needs to know of the talent you are referring.We promise to carefully read each pitch and if our curiosity is piqued, we’ll reach out to you.



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Efe Mike-Ifeta is a storyteller. He began his career 15 years ago as a theatre artist at  Delta State University, Abraka where he graduated as a directing major, staging Femi Osofisan's world famous play "The Midnight Blackout"


In search of more mediums of storytelling, Efe attended the Documentary Production programme at Algonquin College, Ottawa and graduated with a number of short films to his credit.


In the summer of 2013 and 2014, Efe was hired by Theatre Wakefield, Quebec as guest director for its Film Camp, Efe went on to direct 7 short films, teaching camera and acting workshops as part of the process. 


Whether it is theatre, film or podcasting, Efe is deeply intrigued by storytelling and the many forms it can take.